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#1 Attention is Not All You Need: Pure Attention Loses Rank Doubly Exponentially with Depth [PDF97] [Copy] [Kimi35]

Authors: Yihe Dong ; Jean-Baptiste Cordonnier ; Andreas Loukas

Attention-based architectures have become ubiquitous in machine learning, yet our understanding of the reasons for their effectiveness remains limited. This work proposes a new way to understand self-attention networks: we show that their output can be decomposed into a sum of smaller terms, each involving the operation of a sequence of attention heads across layers. Using this decomposition, we prove that self-attention possesses a strong inductive bias towards "token uniformity". Specifically, without skip connections or multi-layer perceptrons (MLPs), the output converges doubly exponentially to a rank-1 matrix. On the other hand, skip connections and MLPs stop the output from degeneration. Our experiments verify the identified convergence phenomena on different variants of standard transformer architectures.

Subject: Machine Learning

Publish: 2021-03-05 00:39:05 UTC