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#1 A guideline for the methodology chapter in computer science dissertations [PDF] [Copy] [Kimi]

Author: Marco Araujo

Rather than simply offering suggestions, this guideline for the methodology chapter in computer science dissertations provides thorough insights on how to develop a strong research methodology within the area of computer science. The method is structured into several parts starting with an overview of research strategies which include experiments, surveys, interviews and case studies. The guide highlights the significance of defining a research philosophy and reasoning by talking about paradigms such as positivism, constructivism and pragmatism. Besides, it reveals the importance of types of research including deductive and inductive methodologies; basic versus applied research approaches. Moreover, this guideline discusses data collection and analysis intricacies that divide data into quantitative and qualitative typologies. It explains different ways in which data can be collected from observation to experimentation, interviews or surveys. It also mentions ethical considerations in research emphasizing ethical behavior like following academic principles. In general, this guideline is an essential tool for undertaking computer science dissertations that help researchers structure their work while maintaining ethical standards in their study design.

Subject: General Literature

Publish: 2024-03-29 13:31:54 UTC