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#1 Funnel-Transformer: Filtering out Sequential Redundancy for Efficient Language Processing [PDF4] [Copy] [Kimi3]

Authors: Zihang Dai ; Guokun Lai ; Yiming Yang ; Quoc V. Le

With the success of language pretraining, it is highly desirable to develop more efficient architectures of good scalability that can exploit the abundant unlabeled data at a lower cost. To improve the efficiency, we examine the much-overlooked redundancy in maintaining a full-length token-level presentation, especially for tasks that only require a single-vector presentation of the sequence. With this intuition, we propose Funnel-Transformer which gradually compresses the sequence of hidden states to a shorter one and hence reduces the computation cost. More importantly, by re-investing the saved FLOPs from length reduction in constructing a deeper or wider model, we further improve the model capacity. In addition, to perform token-level predictions as required by common pretraining objectives, Funnel-Transformer is able to recover a deep representation for each token from the reduced hidden sequence via a decoder. Empirically, with comparable or fewer FLOPs, Funnel-Transformer outperforms the standard Transformer on a wide variety of sequence-level prediction tasks, including text classification, language understanding, and reading comprehension. The code and pretrained checkpoints are available at https://github.com/laiguokun/Funnel-Transformer.

Subjects: Machine Learning ; Computation and Language ; Machine Learning

Publish: 2020-06-05 05:16:23 UTC