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#1 Hydra Attention: Efficient Attention with Many Heads [PDF] [Copy] [Kimi6]

Authors: Daniel Bolya ; Cheng-Yang Fu ; Xiaoliang Dai ; Peizhao Zhang ; Judy Hoffman

While transformers have begun to dominate many tasks in vision, applying them to large images is still computationally difficult. A large reason for this is that self-attention scales quadratically with the number of tokens, which in turn, scales quadratically with the image size. On larger images (e.g., 1080p), over 60% of the total computation in the network is spent solely on creating and applying attention matrices. We take a step toward solving this issue by introducing Hydra Attention, an extremely efficient attention operation for Vision Transformers (ViTs). Paradoxically, this efficiency comes from taking multi-head attention to its extreme: by using as many attention heads as there are features, Hydra Attention is computationally linear in both tokens and features with no hidden constants, making it significantly faster than standard self-attention in an off-the-shelf ViT-B/16 by a factor of the token count. Moreover, Hydra Attention retains high accuracy on ImageNet and, in some cases, actually improves it.

Subject: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Publish: 2022-09-15 17:27:12 UTC