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#1 GQA: Training Generalized Multi-Query Transformer Models from Multi-Head Checkpoints [PDF61] [Copy] [Kimi29]

Authors: Joshua Ainslie ; James Lee-Thorp ; Michiel de Jong ; Yury Zemlyanskiy ; Federico Lebrón ; Sumit Sanghai

Multi-query attention (MQA), which only uses a single key-value head, drastically speeds up decoder inference. However, MQA can lead to quality degradation, and moreover it may not be desirable to train a separate model just for faster inference. We (1) propose a recipe for uptraining existing multi-head language model checkpoints into models with MQA using 5% of original pre-training compute, and (2) introduce grouped-query attention (GQA), a generalization of multi-query attention which uses an intermediate (more than one, less than number of query heads) number of key-value heads. We show that uptrained GQA achieves quality close to multi-head attention with comparable speed to MQA.

Subjects: Computation and Language ; Machine Learning

Publish: 2023-05-22 17:16:38 UTC