Accelerator Physics

Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2024 | Total: 1

#1 Harnessing Plasmonic Interference for Nanoscale Ultrafast Electron Sources [PDF] [Copy] [Kimi]

Authors: Alimohammed Kachwala ; Mansoure Moeini Rizi ; Christopher M Pierce ; Daniele Filippetto ; Jared Maxson ; Siddharth Karkare

In this paper we demonstrate the use of plasmonic focusing in conjunction with non-linear photoemisison to develop geometrically flat nanoscale electron sources with less than 40 pm-rad root mean squared (rms) normalized transverse emittance. Circularly polarized light is incident on a gold Archimedean spiral structure to generate surface-plasmon-polaritons which interfere coherently at the center resulting in a 50 nm rms emisison area. Such a nanostructured flat surface enables simultaneous spatio-temporal confinement of emitted electrons at the nanometer and femtosecond level and can be used as an advanced electron source for high-repetition-rate ultrafast electron diffraction and microscopy experiments as well as next-generation of miniaturized particle accelerators.

Subjects: Accelerator Physics ; Optics

Publish: 2024-06-12 22:39:30 UTC