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#1 Query-Key Normalization for Transformers [PDF6] [Copy] [Kimi]

Authors: Alex Henry ; Prudhvi Raj Dachapally ; Shubham Pawar ; Yuxuan Chen

Low-resource language translation is a challenging but socially valuable NLP task. Building on recent work adapting the Transformer's normalization to this setting, we propose QKNorm, a normalization technique that modifies the attention mechanism to make the softmax function less prone to arbitrary saturation without sacrificing expressivity. Specifically, we apply $\ell_2$ normalization along the head dimension of each query and key matrix prior to multiplying them and then scale up by a learnable parameter instead of dividing by the square root of the embedding dimension. We show improvements averaging 0.928 BLEU over state-of-the-art bilingual benchmarks for 5 low-resource translation pairs from the TED Talks corpus and IWSLT'15.

Subjects: Computation and Language ; Artificial Intelligence ; Machine Learning

Publish: 2020-10-08 20:12:35 UTC