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#1 How not to Lie with a Benchmark: Rearranging NLP Leaderboards [PDF40] [Copy] [Kimi7]

Authors: Shavrina Tatiana ; Malykh Valentin

Comparison with a human is an essential requirement for a benchmark for it to be a reliable measurement of model capabilities. Nevertheless, the methods for model comparison could have a fundamental flaw - the arithmetic mean of separate metrics is used for all tasks of different complexity, different size of test and training sets. In this paper, we examine popular NLP benchmarks' overall scoring methods and rearrange the models by geometric and harmonic mean (appropriate for averaging rates) according to their reported results. We analyze several popular benchmarks including GLUE, SuperGLUE, XGLUE, and XTREME. The analysis shows that e.g. human level on SuperGLUE is still not reached, and there is still room for improvement for the current models.

Subjects: Computation and Language ; Artificial Intelligence

Publish: 2021-12-02 15:40:52 UTC