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#1 ChatQA: Building GPT-4 Level Conversational QA Models [PDF59] [Copy] [Kimi116]

Authors: Zihan Liu ; Wei Ping ; Rajarshi Roy ; Peng Xu ; Mohammad Shoeybi ; Bryan Catanzaro

In this work, we introduce ChatQA, a family of conversational question answering (QA) models, that obtain GPT-4 level accuracies. Specifically, we propose a two-stage instruction tuning method that can significantly improve the zero-shot conversational QA results from large language models (LLMs). To handle retrieval in conversational QA, we fine-tune a dense retriever on a multi-turn QA dataset, which provides comparable results to using the state-of-the-art query rewriting model while largely reducing deployment cost. Notably, our ChatQA-70B can outperform GPT-4 in terms of average score on 10 conversational QA datasets (54.14 vs. 53.90), without relying on any synthetic data from OpenAI GPT models.