Group Theory

Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 | Total: 5

#1 A sieve formula for chains of $p$-subgroups [PDF] [Copy] [Kimi]

Author: Elias Schwesig

Given a finite group $G$ and a prime $p$, we establish the sieve formula, which is a congruence containing as summands numbers of chains of $p$-subgroups of $G$ of certain orders. This generalises the Theorem of Sylow-Frobenius, using Wielandt's approach. Its name stems from the sieve formula from set theory because of formal similarities.

Subject: Group Theory

Publish: 2024-07-18 16:09:57 UTC

#2 Formations of Finite Groups in Polynomial Time: the $\mathfrak{F}$-Hypercenter [PDF] [Copy] [Kimi]

Author: Viachaslau I. Murashka

For a wide family of formations $\mathfrak{F}$ (which includes Baer-local formations) it is proved that the $ \mathfrak{F}$-hypercenter of a permutation finite group can be computed in polynomial time. In particular, the algorithms for computing the $\mathfrak{F}$-hypercenter for the following classes of groups are suggested: hereditary local formations with the Shemetkov property, rank formations, formations of all quasinilpotent, Sylow tower, $p$-nilpotent, supersoluble, $w$-supersoluble and $SC$-groups. For some of these formations algorithms for the computation of the intersection of all maximal $\mathfrak{F}$-subgroups are suggested.

Subject: Group Theory

Publish: 2024-07-18 15:45:12 UTC

#3 Spherically orderable groups [PDF] [Copy] [Kimi]

Author: Sergey V. Sudoplatov

We introduce and study the class of spherically ordered groups. The notions of spherically ordered groups and their spectra of spherical orderability are introduced. Values of these spectra are found for a series of natural groups.

Subjects: Group Theory ; Logic

Publish: 2024-07-18 15:39:32 UTC

#4 A threshold for relative hyperbolicity in random right-angled Coxeter groups [PDF] [Copy] [Kimi]

Authors: Jason Behrstock ; Recep Altar Ciceksiz ; Victor Falgas-Ravry

We consider the random right-angled Coxeter group whose presentation graph is an Erdos-Renyi random graph on n vertices with edge probability p=p(n). We establish that p=1/\sqrt{n} is a threshold for relative hyperbolicity of the random right-angled Coxeter group . As a key step in the proof, we determine the minimal number of pairs of generators that must commute in a right-angled Coxeter group which is not relatively hyperbolic, a result which is of independent interest.

Subjects: Group Theory ; Combinatorics ; Geometric Topology ; Probability

Publish: 2024-07-17 19:00:34 UTC

#5 Graph-theoretical estimates of the diameters of the Rubik's Cube groups [PDF] [Copy] [Kimi]

Author: So Hirata

A strict lower bound for the diameter of a symmetric graph is proposed, which is calculable with the order ($n$) and other local parameters of the graph such as the degree, even girth $g$ ($\geq 4$), and number of cycles of length $g$ passing through a vertex, which are easily determined by inspecting a small portion of the graph (unless the girth is large). It is applied to the symmetric Cayley graphs of the Rubik's Cube groups of various sizes and metrics, yielding reasonably tight lower bounds, which range from 60% to 77% of the correct diameters of large-$n$ graphs.

Subjects: Combinatorics ; Discrete Mathematics ; Group Theory ; Probability

Publish: 2024-07-17 19:02:54 UTC