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#1 Working group 1 summary: $V_{ud}$, $V_{us}$, $V_{cd}$, $V_{cs}$ and semileptonic/leptonic $D$ decays [PDF] [Copy] [Kimi]

Authors: Bipasha Chakraborty ; Alex Gilman ; Martin Hoferichter ; Michal Koval

We summarize the program of working group 1 at the 12th Workshop on the CKM Unitarity Triangle, whose main subjects covered $V_{ud}$, $V_{us}$, and first-row unitarity as well as $V_{cd}$, $V_{cs}$, and (semi-)leptonic $D$ decays.

Subjects: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology ; High Energy Physics - Experiment ; High Energy Physics - Lattice ; Nuclear Experiment ; Nuclear Theory

Publish: 2024-06-19 16:54:52 UTC